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Absolutely NO jeans!

K&B recommends dancers to wear leotard and tights. If dancers prefer to wear something other than a leotard and tights, then leggings, shorts, and tight tops will also work.

Elite Competition Team Dancers have their own separate dress code. Please see the team handbook for more info.

K&B Dance Company sells dance shoes at a discounted rate in comparison to retail. If you are interested in ordering your dancer's shoes from K&B Dance Company, please see a K&B Staff Member for assistance. 


Here are the required shoes for each class:


Creative Movement: Pink Ballet Shoes 

Tap: Tan Tap Shoes 

Jazz: Tan Jazz Shoes 

Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes 

Lyrical: Tan Half Soles 

Hip Hop: Mostly Black Tennis Shoes 

Acro: Bare Feet - No Shoes 

Cheer: Mostly White Tennis Shoes 

Elite Team Members MUST own all pairs of the above listed dance shoes.

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