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Caterpillars -Recreational Ages 1-2

Here at K&B we start our dancers as young as 18 months. In our caterpillar classes, dancers will learn socialization skills, gross motor skills, movement, how to be in a dance classroom, musicality, and more!

Our program has lots to offer including creative movement, ballet, acrobatic combo classes, and Mommy & Me classes! 

Butterflies -
Recreational Ages 2.5 - 4.5 

Come join our Butterfly friends once a week for a variety of fun filled classes. Our Butterfly classes are designed to get dancers started early in learning coordination, proper movement, rhythm, and more!


We take pride in our fun and welcoming pre-school room! We have many fun tools and equipment to ensure dancers are learning properly while also having a blast during dance class! Sign your preschooler up today!

Our Butterfly program offers a variety of styles to choose from including Tap, Ballet, Creative Movement, and Acrobatics. 


Recreational Ages 5-18

Our recreational classes are the best way to jump in and join our K&B Dance Family! Our recreational classes are geared towards beginner level dancers. Dancers learn proper technique, basic fundamentals and so much more in a way that everyone can enjoy! We work hard all season long in preparation for our end of year recital every June. 

Interested in signing up for one of our recreational dance classes? We offer tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, acrobatics, hip hop, cheer and poms. 


All Boys Ninja Tumbling

Our all boys Ninja tumbling class is open to all ages and ability levels. This after school activity is perfect for boys to get all of their extra energy out! K&B Ninjas will learn to flip, jump, and kick like real Ninjas!


They also learn to rock climb and climb our 15 foot rope! Ninjas are also welcome to participate in our annual Summer recital and perform a routine with all of their tricks they learned throughout the season.


Recreational Adults 17+

Our adult dance classes are set up for beginners who are looking for a low commitment level extra-curricular. 

Many adults choose to participate in our annual Summer recital. Many memories and friendships are made within our adult dance classes and we would love to have you join us!

We offer adult Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

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